he Real World is a global community of like-minded individuals amassing an abundance of wealth. Every member receives advanced training and ongoing mentoring from a team of multimillionaire industry specialists. The Real World successfully transformed thousands of lives through our money-focused, unique education system.

What Do I Get Access to? Gamifying Business Mastery

Our students level up in business like in a videogame. Unlock new tutorials, build your money-making arsenal, and add more skills to your inventory. Our app is designed to gamify your progress from zero to 10K a month and beyond.

Multimillionaires in Your Pocket

Our app grants you direct access to multimillionaire mentors. Upon joining, the Professors will lay out your personal battleplan for financial conquest. You’ll be mentored each step of the way through daily live sessions and 1-on-1 communication with the Professors.

Leveling Up TOGETHER!

It’s NOT lonely at the top. Our community is made of friendly teammates who interact and push each other to improve every single day. Over 200,000 like-minded individuals joined our winning team, and now celebrate endless achievement.

The Choice Is Yours

The Matrix wants you poor, weak and alone. We have opened up a mass portal to give you the tools to escape modern-day slavery. We’ve spent years developing our fully independent and modern-day educational platform and we continue to innovate and improve every day. We want you to become wealthy, strong, and well-connected in this world.

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