Cavalry is an incredibly powerful and free motion-design tool that renders in real time. It’s an essential software for many designers, including Kyle Daily, who uses it to bring unique designs and typography to life through animation. With him as your guide, learn how to create captivating 2D animations from scratch with Cavalry.  In the first course, Kyle introduces you to Cavalry. Learn why it was created and explore the different versions available before setting up your workspace.  Work on the building blocks of your design by experimenting with text, images, and data on your canvas.  Get familiar with the tool Kyle believes is the most powerful in Cavalry: Duplicators. Learn how to use them to create complex designs in a simple way.  Give life to your design by adding color as Kyle guides you through how to use gradients, filters, and more.  Use the Time Editor to animate your graphics, working with layers, the graph editor, and with and without keyframes.  Take your motion graphics to the next level by exploring advanced techniques like falloffs and character animation.  In the final course, Kyle guides you through the process of rendering and sharing your work, along with some of Cavalry’s pro features.