Evenant Cinematic Music The Essentials

Evenant Cinematic Music The Essentials

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Do you wish you were able to compose your own cinematic music, but don’t know how to get started?

Ever wished there was a step-by-step guide to learning cinematic music production – from what equipment, samples and software you need, how to set up a studio, and composingrecording and mixing your first tracks?

Well then, this is the place for you!In this course, I will:

  • Answer common questions like:

How do you compose soundtrack music?

What equipment and software should I buy?

What are the best orchestral sample libraries?

How do you use plugins like EQ, Reverb, Delay, etc?

How do you mix and master soundtrack music?

Do I need a musical education to make it as a composer?

  • Help you find the right equipment and software and set it up
  • Teach you a practical approach to basic music theory
  • Teach you how to use common production tools like EQCompressorsReverbsDelays and more
  • Help you writerecord and mix a track from beginning to end
    … And a lot more!

CINEMATIC MUSIC: THE ESSENTIALS is a complete beginner’s walkthrough on how to get started making great sounding cinematic music on your computer.

The course includes everything you need from getting started, building up and learning all the vital parts of the modern home music studio to learning about basic music theorycomposing, recording, and producing soundtrack music and the fundamentals of mixing and mastering, as well as recommendations for music programs, sample libraries and plugins.

As a student, you will learn how to compose and record your own music, how to mix using the main processing tools such as EQReverbCompression and more. The course will take you from knowing absolutely nothing about how to produce music, to cranking out tunes of your own that you can be proud of showing your friends and the world. While the focus of the course is more tied to soundtrack music, film- and game scoring, all the principles taught in this course can be applied on virtually any genre.

This, and much more in the course CINEMATIC MUSIC: THE ESSENTIALS – Everything You Need To Get Started Composing Music On Your Computer.

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