Frontendmasters – Complete Intro to Realtime

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Come learn how to make realtime apps with Brian Holt. In his signature teaching style Brian breaks down concepts to the most basic level and then builds easier-to-use, better abstractions upon the first concepts. In this course you will learn to poll end points, open web sockets by hand, and finally some great web socket abstractions with SocketIO and SignalR. Building apps where the client and server talk in realtime can be a difficult task but with the Complete Intro to Realtime you’ll be equipped to do it!

Learn what is realtime and when you’d want to use these techniques
Get familiar with the most basic realtime technique, long-polling.
Step up your realtime game with writing socket connections by hand
Prepare to write real-word, realtime apps with production-grade abstractions with SignalR and SocketIO

DOWNLOAD LINK : Frontendmasters – Complete Intro to Realtime

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