Frontendmasters – Introduction to Gatsby, v2

Frontendmasters – Introduction to Gatsby, v2

In this workshop, learn to build apps and websites with React using Gatsby, a Jamstack metaframework. Shipping great web experiences quickly is one of the biggest factors in our success as frontend developers. Using Gatsby provides a strong set of guidelines and foundational work that enables developers to work extremely quickly, delivering fast apps and websites on short timelines.

Learn how to leverage free, open source tools including Gatsby, React, and GraphQL to build high-performance websites.
Deliver an excellent experience to your users by providing only critical assets on load and prefetching assets for subsequent page loads.
Implement performance best practices to improve key metrics including first contentful paint.
Learn to build and deploy websites in the fraction of time.
Create websites quickly with performance baked in.
Deploy your sites for free in minutes with Netlify.

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