Lindsay Adler – Anatomy of a Commercial Shoot

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This class walks you through the various steps of planning and executing a successful commercial photo shoot.

Commercial shoots are a different breed and often have many moving parts, from coordinating with the company that hired you, to booking models, locations, gathering your team, dealing with paperwork and so much more. The stakes are a higher for these types of shoots, so being as prepared as possible makes things much easier come shoot day.

Learn the ins and outs and logistics for pulling off a professional commercial shoot as we go behind the scenes of some of my own jobs.


  • Introduction
  • Asking the right questions
  • How to build an estimate for a job
  • The Power of Mood Boards
  • Gathering your creative team
  • Logistics of preparing a commercial shoot
  • Casting for the big day
  • How to create a call sheet
  • What to expect on shoot day
  • Retouching & file delivery
  • How to bid on smaller jobs
  • Bringing it all together