Lindsay Adler – Headshot Lighting Recipe Guide

Headshots are a staple of business for many portrait photographers. While they may seem relatively straightforward, there is actually quite a lot you can change particularly when varying the lighting. As you select your lighting you’ll need to make decisions that flatter your subject and help to communicate their personal brand.

The Headshot Lighting Recipe Guide consists of 21 ‘recipes’ for a variety of headshot lighting setups, and as with any recipe, you can add in your own twist to create something unique or catered toward your subject!

Some setups are more high key with lighter tones, lighter background and fewer shadows. Other setups are more low key with darker tones, darker background and more shadows. No one setup is better than the other. As mentioned above, the ‘right light’ depends on a combination of the mood that your subject wants to convey about themselves and the lighting that best flatters their features