Every year I regularly create photo shoots centered around upcoming holidays; Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Pride, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, Halloween and more! These shoots not only provide me with themed concepts to revisit and explore more in-depth each year, but they also allow me to create relevant (and highly shareable) social media content.

Furthermore, creating thematic holiday content puts me on the radar of potential clients as a partner for creating their holiday content the next year!

Does Valentine’s Day need to be about love, romance, and passion? If you are feeling romantic… sure! But it most definitely doesn’t have to be. In fact, in this episode my Valentine’s shoots are anything but ‘love based’! My concepts center around color, hearts, playfulness, and beauty.

For my shoots I used a variety of techniques and tools including strobes constant lights, dragging the shutter, painting with light, and even really high ISO techniques. Several of the images I created with a beauty feel so that I could use them to catch the attention of some of my most regularly clients — beauty brands. Then, I experimented with a variety of inspiring ‘props’ including balloons, gobos, sequins, bow and arrow, and more.

Could you do a boudoir shoot? A couple’s shoot? Make a rose flower wall? Sure! Make it true to your style, appeal to your target clients, or… just have fun to create scroll-stopping images!

Don’t forget to submit your Valentine’s Day inspired images for this month, it’s a great theme with a lot of versatility so I hope you come up with some amazing photos!

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