Lindsay Adler – Learn+ Episode 13 – Light Painting – May 2022 Recipe Guide

You really can’t get more artistic with your lighting than with light painting. You control every brush stroke of light you introduce into a scene. You can create things that look romantic and painterly or utterly fantastical, even bizarre! There are no limits, no right or wrong. With light painting your images can be sharp and crisp, or extremely blurry and merely abstracts.

Light painting is a balance act of camera settings, the movement of your body/light, your angles, subject movement and many other variables. No two lighting paintings will ever be the same, and in that unexpected reality is both the joy and frustration! At times you can simply point the light source at your subject to see actual strokes of light, and other times you point your light toward the camera so that you see the textures/lines of the light in space for futuristic results.

In this episode we will explore a variety of techniques, tools and visual approaches. We will use flashlights, fiber optics, mix in strobes, play around with purposeful camera blur, and much more.

The only way you will learn painting with light is to get out and experiment. Grab your tripod, your long exposures, your flashlight, and step into a dark room– it is time to play!