You don’t have to go to an exotic location to create memorable images! In fact, you can get creative and make beautiful images in your own backyard. We photographers tend to get desensitized and uninspired by the environments around us because they become ‘commonplace’ in our minds. That doesn’t mean that they are actually are boring. In this episode we explore creating striking images right in your own backyard simply by reinventing the environment and adding a creative twist. We’ll explore lighting, styling, color grading, gels, and other tools to re-envision our surroundings.

If you are stuck coming up with ideas, one approach for this sort of shoot is to envision creating characters in your environment. Is the character dark, mysterious and powerful? Is the character meant to be carefree and full of joy? Are you creating something relatable and subtle, or something that is fantastic and dreamlike? When you decide upon the character or mood, then you can seek out locations, styling, color palette, posing and more that will help bring together this character.
What if your ‘backyard’ is just a yard? Or a suburban sidewalk? Or a city street? Or something else you consider ‘boring’… that’s the point! Challenge yourself to see it in a new way.