From vintage architecture, to striking rooftops, to a busy night time street, this episode explores the images we can make in an urban environment! In previous episodes I’ve encouraged you to create striking images in your own backyard… but this is my backyard!

Nearly all the images in this episode were made with the natural, ambient light and in a few shots we get creative by adding Nanlites into the equation for creative and color effects.

Try telling a story with your street images — what character are you building? How do their clothing compliment the environment? What can you do to create mood and drama?

For my interpretation of Street Fashion Photography, I step away from my usual studio gear, and instead gravitate more toward faster lenses included the 50mm 1.2 and more expansive lenses like the 15-35mm 2.8. Let’s see a city street in a new way!

Warning: Some setups in this episode require dangerous situations. Please exercise extreme caution when photographing in a busy street or other areas that can pause a potential risk.