You may be asking yourself, what IS the Pantone Color of the Year?

Each year the Pantone Color Institute selects the “Color of the Year” as a trendsetting concept that influences a wide array of industries from marketing, interior design, graphic design, wardrobe, fashion industries and more. Every year the institute takes into consideration trends they see through society from fashion, social media, art, and more that helps to inform their picks. When the color is announced in December, creators across all industries begin to envision products and color palettes with this trendsetting color in mind.

This year’s Pantone Color of the Year 2023 is…. Viva Magenta!

Pantone’s description of this color “encourages experimentation and self-expression without restraint”. Just my speed, and of course you know that red is a color that has always inspired and driven me… and this year I get to bring you along and encourage you to explore it!

This particular color is a red with magenta/pink hue that is derived from reds that exist in nature. It is tied to a red called “cochineal” which is a vibrant die that is derived from pulverized bodies of certain female insects. YES this has been used in makeup, food coloring, clothing and more!

Now, this year the color will be one of trends, strength, and… our photographic inspiration.

Personally, red has been an important color in the success of my career. I discovered my own voice and creative style as I explored the many uses of red. By adding the magenta hue to this red, it gives me another layer to explore and create.