Editorial fashion photography is your chance to get creative, express your style, and to embrace visual storytelling with your work (possibly for publication!). Fashion photography is divided into many different categories from lookbook/catalog, to runway, to avant garde and more.

Quite often when shooting a campaign for a fashion brand you have many restrictions and expectations with little room for creativity. Editorial fashion, on the other hand, is where your personal vision can really shine!

In this episode I will explore a range of creative fashion photography techniques from high contrast black and white, to slices of light, to splashes of color to electric use of color! In other words, there is no one ‘look’ for editorial fashion. Instead, it is based upon your own style, vision and sometimes the look/preferences of the magazine.

Certainly not all editorial fashion images have to be created with publication in mind. You can create striking images as stand-alone shots for social media or simply create art with your team. If you are aiming to get published, however, you’ll definitely have some additional considerations.

  1. First, you’ll need to shoot at least 5 or 6 different images that have cohesion and tell a vision story. The vibe of the clothing and lighting, for example, may be consistent throughout.
  2. Next, you must also consider the season that the story will be published. Should the images be tropical and beachy? Or will be they hitting the magazine stands in the fall and therefore be out of place with such a summer feel?
  3. Finally, you must also consider the target publication itself. Do they usually go for more casual and ‘ready to wear’ looks? Or are they much more avant garde with extraordinary creative clothing and makeup looks? Be sure to study the magazine carefully.