Lindsay Adler – Learn+ Episode 8: Curves – December 2021

Throughout my years as a photographer I have created some stunning and powerful images of curvy women. Is there magic lighting, camera angles or techniques that flatter every woman? Certainly not, but in this episode I will help you peek inside my head for some of the many things I think about to help bring out a woman’s best.

One essential consideration of flattering a curvy woman will begin before you ever get them in front of you camera… clothing! Seek out clothing that is properly fitted, rather than overly loose and baggy. Consider clothing that cinches at the waist or creates the illusion of a waistline due to cut/ornamentation. Would a V-neck perhaps create more pleasing leading lines? Can you avoid too much distraction and bulkiness at the hips? These are all things that will drastically affect the appearance of your subject regardless of what you do with your camera and lighting!

Once you have the clothing right, that’s where your photographic techniques will come into play. In my images I seek to create balance. Where is your eye going in the frame? Can you make a change in your camera angle, the lighting, the subject’s pose, or even hair style to help direct the attention to where it needs to be?

How can your posing show off a subject’s curves and not just hide them? Remember, whatever is closest to the camera looks largest? Furthermore, can you create negative space and clean lines to create pleasant curves in your photographs?

We have a lot to think about in this episode as I flatter three stunning women using window light, studio strobes, soft light, hard light, and more. To learn more about tips and tricks for women with curves, check out my tutorial “Full Figure and Fabulous” (discounted this month) to get you started right!