Lindsay Adler Photography – Posing Women


Posing women in a flattering way may seem challenging (and in some ways, it is) as there is no one shape for a woman, nor one right pose. Just as no one outfit will flatter everyone, no one pose will be the right fit for all. Because women truly vary so much, you need as many tools in your photographic toolkit as possible to compliment different aspects of each individual.

In this posing video tutorial, I will share guidelines that apply to photographing all women, whether boudoir, bridal sessions, or high school seniors. These particular concepts are universal, and mastering them will make you a better photographer.

5 Guidelines for Posing Women

  • Emphasize assets, reduce ‘weaknesses’
  • Bend and curve
  • Asymmetry and levels for interest
  • Avoid flat, even feet
  • Use narrowing points

Other Subject’s covered:

  • Go to poses
  • Analyzing silhouettes
  • Posing as part of mood and style
  • Adding movement to a pose