Lindsay Adler Photography – Women’s Portrait & Fashion Posing Guide

Women’s Portrait & Fashion Posing Guide

posing is one of the most powerful tools available to photographers to flatter our subject’s and to create visually compelling images, yet it’s often something photographers neglect. We might often be too wrapped up in the moment,concentrating on the lighting, or the outfit, or our gear and forget to focus on capturing the perfect pose.  I consider posing as important as all other aspect of my shoots, and that is why I created this guide! These are the very same poses I use during my own portrait and fashion sessions and now they’re yours!  This posing guide provides 200 different poses to use as inspirational references for all of your portrait and fashion shoots and features two subjects —  a slender subject and a curvier subject, to provide a range of references for different body types.  Whether you are looking for a pose that is subtle and curvy, or energetic and angular, this guide has you covered!