Production Music Live Melodic House Vol.2 Track from Start To Finish
DECiBEL | 14 Sep 2021 | 1013.1MB

Learn how to produce harmonically rich and melodically advanced Melodic House tracks in the style of many AnjunaDeep Artists right now.

Your tutor Julian from Bound to Divide gives you an exclusive look into his production process, shares his tips, tricks and project files and guides you from your first kick to a mastered track – as if you were sitting side by side in the studio.

Course Overview:
Start to Finish
From generating ideas over the first 8 bar loop, to a fully arranged, mixed and mastered track. Learn writing chords, hooks, bass lines and groovy drums – all within 4 hours.

Club ready Quality
After this class you will know which musical elements you need, which frequencies to highlight and which settings to use in order to achieve a professional sounding track in radio or club quality. Time to release some music!

Your Tutor
Julian (Bound to Divide, supported by Lane 8) let’s you look over his shoulder while he produces a complete track. You can follow all his steps in your pace and rewatch everything as often as you want with lifetime access.

What You Get:
– 4h+ Full Start to Finish Course
– 25 in depth sessions from the first sketch to a finished master
– Ableton Project Files included
– Samples
– Presets