The Julian Jordan Producer Pack – 789TEN

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A comprehensive future electro-house producer pack from Julian Jordan (STMPD records)

The producer pack has multiple components and bonuses:

  1. Tutorial: Julian starts off with a build up tutorial talking about how he builds tension and strategically uses fills and special edits to create moments that make each section of the buildup progressively more exciting.  After this first part of the tutorial , he is completely in the zone  and is ready to write!  After all, this is a live tutorial where anything can happen and harnessing inspiration is a make or break factor! You will see how Julian makes a track from scratch and gets his signature sound. Lots of audio being used, watch as it gets expertly pitched, chopped up and manipulated.  He also demonstrates some of his best theories on creativity, signal processing and countless tips and tricks along the way.
  2. Sample Pack: a huge component of this offering featuring 3 x Claps, 5 x kicks including the kick from OLDSKOOL (one of our favourite kicks of the moment!), 2 x snares, 2 x drop stabs, 4 x synth shots, 4 x bass shots, 3 x hats, 1 x ride, 1 x perc, 2 x impact, 1 x snare buildup and 1 x siren all with the Julian Jordan treatment!
  3. BONUS: 6 x Serum Presets
  4. BONUS: 4 x Spire Presets

Some highlights from the tutorial:

  1. A short crash course on buildups and how to really build that tension and energy
  2. Drop arrangment – CRUCIAL to keep things moving in your track
  3. Sample manipulation (the Julian Jordan way!)
  4. Stacking synth samples
  5. The importance of choosing elements that don’t conflict. The sooner we all realize this, the better!
  6. Arrange those elements around each other to not conflict, this is where the mastery comes in!
  7. Writing and processing a lead in the Julian Jordan style!
  8. Seeing Julian take a simple idea and expand on it quickly!

As a producer at any skill level, you can learn so much by watching a pro like Julian Jordan in the studio. It’s about observing how he works through the creative process and understanding how he thinks.

The Julian Jordan Producer Pack – 789TEN

Host DAW: FL Studio

Main Plugins used: Xfer Serum, Nicky Romero Kick Start, Dada Life Endless Smile, Reveal Sound Spire, Sound Toys Little Alterboy

You do not need all of these plug-ins to learn from this tutorial, the value in this tutorial comes from the technique, not the tools.