DIY Dressmaking for Photographers

In this class Lindsay Adler will demonstrate how to make creative DIY dresses easily and affordably for fantastic high fashion results!

What if you could create custom dresses and couture-inspired looks yourself, with no formal training and without breaking the bank? 

That is what DIY Dressmaking for Photographers is all about!

I’ve made this class for those who want to add high fashion, creative, and luxurious looks to their photoshoots without breaking the bank!

In this 4 hour+ class I walk you through creating 12 stunning dress designs ranging from elegant and avant-garde, to fabulous and sexy. You’ll learn how to cater to your subjects’ needs and body types with simple and effective techniques. Once we’re done making the dress you’ll come behind the scenes with me as we photograph our creation! 😝

Included with this class: 

  • ✅ Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
  • ✅ Dressmaking Companion Guide
  • ✅ Lighting Recipe Guide
  • ✅ Behind the scenes photo shoot of each dress.

“But Lindsay, I’m not crafty enough to make a dress!

  • Trust me, I didn’t think I was either until I tried and was amazed at what I could come up with using a few pieces of fabric and string. I am by no means a gifted DIYer, but this is something I totally was able to grasp and it was much less daunting than I thought. With just a few simple tools (measuring tape, microstich, scissors, etc) I was able to create dresses that are creative, unique and have a high fashion look!
  • ❌ No sewing
  • ❌ No stitching by hand
  • ❌ No dressmaking skills required
  • ❌ No fashion degree required

This class is ideal for beginner photographers and designers. I’ve tried to make the designs and instructions as simple as possible so that anyone of nearly any skill level can make these dresses.

The handy 76 page companion guide contains links to the fabric and tools used, measurements, difficulty level and step by step instructions for making the dresses.

Of course this class wouldn’t be complete without showing you how I photographed the end result, so I’ve included a 62 page lighting guide (in addition to behind the scenes videos) that has ALL of the info you need to replicate the images, including what lights/modifiers were used, a diagram, bts images, camera settings and more.

The skills you’ll learn in this class can apply to nearly any type of portrait photography, whether you photograph high school seniors, fashion, maternity, or stylized portraiture, you’ll learn techniques that immediately elevate your work.

To recap…

  • You don’t need to live in a fashion capital to get these looks
  • You don’t need to learn to sew
  • You don’t need a fashion degree
  • You don’t need to buy ‘one of every size’ to suit your client’s needs
  • You don’t need to rent, only to return and rent again for the next shoot
  • You don’t need to break the bank with expensive pieces, stylists or rentals

Creating gorgeous portrait and fashion photos with stylish looking outfits doesn’t have to be expensive…it just has to look expensive!

No matter where you are, who you photograph, or what your budget, you can be confident that you’ll be creating amazing looking outfits bursting with creativity in no time.

So come take a peak at what I created and what you can too in DIY Dressmaking for Photographers!

Please be aware this is not a lighting class. While I do demonstrate on how to light/photograph the end result, this class is specifically about how to make DIY couture dresses/outfits. You will be required to obtain certain materials, such as fabrics and other misc tools (pins, microstich etc) if you wish to create the outfits demonstrated in this class. 

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