Halloween is a time to play dress up and experiment. Do some playful cosplay or get a little ghoulish; there are no rules to what makes a good Halloween image other than it must engage your view! You can let your creations reflect what inspires you this spooky season. You can get glamorous or, if it suits you more, get horrifically creepy… all while getting inspired! Plus, you are creating timely content that is sure to intrigue your audience.  In this episode we explore the spectrum of Halloween imagery from dark and creepy (inspired by The Ring), to Old Hollywood horror (Bride of Frankenstein), to avante garde makeup, to vintage scifi! There is a mix of natural light, constant light (Nanlites), strobes, shutter drag, creative color grading and more!  Be sure to check out the Pinterest link below to some of my own inspirations for this episode, plus a whole lot of other references and links that will get your creativity flowing!